Creative thinking is an extreme activity …. you have to take risks.

John Olsen, 85, working on his ‘Sun.’ (image

Learning forever is an extreme activity – no more or less than adorning a flying fox suit and jumping off a mountain with a Go-Pro strapped to your head.

Australian artist, John Olsen’s mammoth work, the “Sun”, which he completed in 2013 at the age of 85, is the most extreme action event I have ever seen.

To commit to learning as an ongoing life time activity – to engage with the unknown on a voluntary basis at any life cycle stage –  requires a level of energy, courage, tenacity and faith that any self respecting extreme adventurer would be in awe of.

I noticed this quote on the wall of a primary school I was working at; its pupil base came predominantly from refugee families:  “Live like you will die tomorrow. Learn like you will live forever (Ghandi).” I spoke with some of the children about it – they knew all about Ghandi.

To learn like you will live forever is to live like you will die tomorrow – it is life on the edge of the unknown: it is a life time as a six year old with the pragmatism and courage of an 80 year old. It’s risky; its creative potential? Endless.