Developing Creative Thinking Skills

Developing Creative Thinking Skills is just practice, read on if you want to practice.

Here is a quote from French Philosopher, Michel de Montaigne, and an illustration.:

Quotes Michel de Montaigne

“The great and glorious masterpiece of life is to know your purpose.”

The quote and illustration could be information on your mobile device or any device; or two different school choices for your child – do you heave a sigh at the never-ending barrage of information, the abstract nature of it all? Or get creative?

Getting Creative … make links between information, develop an understanding of how you think and work with information. Learn to understand what your thinking box is and get ‘outside’ of it!

What is knowing your purpose in life? It requires:

  • some understanding of who you are as a person, humanity and even your place in the greater scheme of things – whatever perspective you take on that.
  •  a leap into the unknown –  finding our purpose generally requires experiencing a few things that aren’t our purpose – that don’t feel right.

In a busy world it’s difficult to find time to raise these questions, let alone use them to develop creative thinking skills.

What has Montaigne’s quote got to do with an illustration of people sitting in a tree?

Finding your purpose in life is a life long endeavour: the child climbing the tree “of purpose”. It requires:

  • a bit of time out – sitting in a tree
  • honest feedback from those around us – hence the people facing each other.

Knowing our purpose in life is an ordinary endeavour with the potential for extraordinary results. The illustration depicts ordinary people sitting in an ordinary tree perhaps contemplating extraordinary things.

Creative or Defensive Thinker?

Creative thinkers embrace the unknown, they:

  • are curious people with a passion to find their purpose and the drive to make it a reality
  • have an inner resilience to life’s ups and downs – but unfortunately are often unaware of these attributes.

If you are reading this, you might not be aware of it, but you are a creative thinker.

Creative thinking is a skill – a skill that can be developed, with the right support, at any life cycle stage.

The services offered by Louise Bricknell develop such skills.

How do I know you are not a defensive thinker? You would not have read this.