Social Change is my Specialist Area. Working at the intersection of everyone else’s experiences and specialist areas – is my Area of Expertise. This is the arena of the Unknown, it is where I excel – making connections where others see none, generating purpose, passion and potential everywhere.

The unknown as a vocational driver is neither sexy nor trending. Careers in the unknown aren’t popular – they are confronting, demanding, potentially contentious – but never dull. 

The call of the unknown has provided me with opportunities Contact Page Image

  • support tertiary, secondary, primary education institutions
  • assist SME’s evaluate and obtain their strategic goals
  • collaborate with companies, incl., KPMG, Microsoft, BHP to develop graduate attribute programs
  • start up, manage and direct an adventure business  delivering Deep Learning Experiences in remote locations
  • lead an ethnographic study of labour hire and the gig economy in the Australian clothing industry
  • voluntarily participate in HIV education field work in South Africa
  • create, implement, lead change initiatives that bring organisational directives, including Mission Statements, to life.
  • support organisations pursue Climate Change goals through Green Fleet education programs
  • Manage, interpret and promote the benefits of accreditation procedures – including Australian Federal Government quality initiatives 
  • lead and collaborate with NPO’s and government organisations to support inclusive participation strategies
  • start-up Louise Bricknell & Associates.

In my personal life the call of the unknown has provided the impetus to:

  • compete in sailing world championships  
  • race across oceans
  • enjoy a number of creative activities
  • initiate and jointly lead the first international mountain bike expedition around Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo 
  • complete mountain bike guiding qualifications in Scotland (as part of the Scottish Mountain Bike Leader Award scheme)
  • hold Remote and Wilderness First Aid qualifications (the Borneo Expedition was a direct result of these experiences) 
  • join ten men (I didn’t know) – in a moment of madness – on wave sailing missions in Western Australia and Morocco. 

A full CV, including publications, conferences, research projects can be provided upon request.To read testimonials about working with Dr. Louise Bricknell please click HERE.