My experiences and interests are an integral part of my Professional Experience. These are linked by a passion for deep learning and a commitment to finding and living my purpose. Why? Without passion and purpose potential cannot be realised.

Purpose, passion and potential are not gentle mentors. They provide challenges and demand action. These have taken me into diverse deep learning environments across five continents, and Contact Page Image

  • teaching and R&D, involving Deep Learning Experiences (DLE), in tertiary institutions.
  • Collaborative DLE research with  companies, such as, KPMG, Microsoft and BHP.
  • Founding and managing a business specialising in designing and delivering remote DLE.
  • Developing Deep Learning Experiences for independent schools.
  • Designing DLE that support SME’s reach their potential. 
  • Undertaking doctoral and postdoctoral research in DLE, including field work in South Africa.
  • Mediation Training with the Department of Justice, Victoria; and
  • Founding Louise Bricknell & Associates.

Passion, purpose and potential have allowed me to compete in sailing world championships; race across oceans; enjoy a number of creative activities; jointly lead the first international mountain bike expedition around Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo, and complete mountain bike guiding qualifications in Scotland. They support my interests in:

  • the relationship between digital learning technologies and DLE.
  • borderless learning/training scenarios and their relationship to employability trends.
  • futuristic education/learning/training options.

A full CV, including publications, conferences, research projects can be provided upon request.

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