Buhmann Pac Solutions

“Managing the marketing and strategic directions of a business employing over 100 people means  competing demands are a daily reality for me and my staff. These demands can be personally and professionally divisive. Working with Louise Bricknell has allowed me to:

  1. develop valuable resources that have enabled me to understand my decision making process – personally and professionally
  2. bring creative solutions to structural problems
  3. become more resilient and work more intuitively – in all areas of my life
  4. increased my confidence and motivation to reach my potential
  5. develop a strong framework to review, evaluate and align my professional and personal directions
  6. embrace change – whatever it brings.

Louise is very engaging to work with: highly creative, a great communicator and motivator. She is supportive yet challenging, and has the ability to link and work with any information, problem, context – quickly and insightfully. Louise is professional in every way. She is great thinker and life coach – and a lot of fun.” 

Dorothee Buhmann (MBA)
Managing Director, Buhmann Pac Solutions [www.buhmann.com]