Foresight for Education: Building the Future, Not Just Defending the Past: embracing the unknown.

This article was inspired by Robert C. Wolcott’s essay (Professor of Innovation at the Kellogg School of Management): Foresight for Business: Building the Future, Not Just Defending the Past //( . I found the discussion thought provoking – although initially it provoked … Read More

A ‘real’ AI – out and shamelessly proud, thanks to Professor Jonathan A.J Wilson, Laeeq Siddique and others …

This article is a thank you to: Laeeq Siddique Professor Jonathan A.J Wilson Andrew Schwartz, author of “Death to Pragmatism” (in the Jeffersoniad), the authors of, “How Digital Leaders are Transforming B2B Marketing,” Phillip Andersen, Robert Archacki, Nicolas De Bellefonds, … Read More

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