My experiences and interests are an integral part of my ‘Professional Experience.’  These experiences are linked by a passion for deep learning and a commitment to finding and living my purpose. Why? without passion and purpose –  potential cannot be realized.

Passion, purpose and potential are not gentle mentors. They provide challenges. me-img_20160925_144655-crop

These challenges have taken me  into diverse deep learning environments across five continents. They include:

  • teaching and R&D, involving Deep Learning Experiences (DLE), in tertiary institutions;
  • collaborative DLE research with KPMG, Microsoft and BHP;
  • founding and managing a business specialising in remote DLE; 
  • designing DLE that support SME’s to reach their potential;
  • developing Deep Learning Experiences for independent schools;
  • undertaking DLE field work in South Africa
  • Mediation Training with the Department of Justice, Victoria; and
  • founding Louise Bricknell & Associates.

Passion, purpose and potential have allowed me to compete in sailing world championships; race across oceans; enjoy a number of activities; jointly lead the first international mountain bike expedition around Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo, and complete mountain bike guiding qualifications in Scotland. They support my interests in:

  • the relationship between digital learning technologies and  DLE.
  • borderless learning and training scenarios – and their relationship to employability.
  • futuristic education/training/learning options.

A full CV, including publications, conferences, research projects can be provided upon request.

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