Waves, Wind and Creative Thinking …

Thinking creatively happens anywhere, anytime with anything … the tricky part is being aware of it. Which is where soft-skills, such as, self-awareness, come in. Link these with analytical ability and anything is possible.

For example

It’s New Year’s Day.  I’m putting the 2016  Australian Bureau of Meteorology Calendar away. I glance at a page titled, “Coast and Ocean.”

Coastal environments are places I enjoy. They are places that a lot of people I know enjoy, too.

Sharing information about weather and coastal environments – with people that find it interesting – provides an opportunity to promote the value of thinking creatively, add value to my life – and theirs.

How? By sharing relevant information from a reliable source to a particular audience I am promoting my ability to:

  • work with any information quickly and insightfully
  • connect it to others (different markets) in ways that make sense to them (thinking creatively).
  • work analytically and strategically in a dynamic context (changing information and audiences)
  • be aware of how I work and process information.

Self-awareness is crucial for soft-skill development. Without it I wouldn’t be aware that in this post I have utilised and enhanced the soft-skills of:

  • drive
  • passion
  • integrity
  • professionalism
  • focus
  • commitment

How do I know I’ve done this? It’s quite simple – I have a smile on my face.

Thinking creatively allowed me to recognise the process of creating this smile: deliberate creativity.

Who needs wind and waves to feel good!

A very Creative and Happy New Year to you all!